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Infectious Diseases and The Research Institute

Our Mission is to provide access to cutting-edge advanced treatments in the Field of Infectious Diseases. Our goal is to provide access to the best quality of care and to the best treatments currently available to our community.

This practice has a clinical and a research component.


The Clinical component of the practice provides personal, individual, private, respectful, culturally-sensitive and bilingual care to populations 18 and older. Services include HIV care, Hepatitis C and B Care, Lyme Disease, Sexually Transmitted Infections Testing and Treatment Site, PrEP (HIV prevention), PEP(Post-exposure Prophylaxis), DoxyPEP and General Infectious Diseases Care.  Telemedicine Services Offered as well. 


The Research component of the practice, The Research Institute, provides access to the latest National/ International clinical trials on HIV and comorbidities, Hepatitis, Sexually Transmitted Infections,  among other.  The Institute provides the highest quality of Clinical trials available together with the highest ethical standards in the field. The Medical and non-medical staff involved in trial duties are trained in good clinical practice, and are fully bilingual, cultural-sensitive.

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